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Gather together for worship and biblical guidance at our weekly chapel services.

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Agora or "gathering place" is a weekly opportunity to experience enriching community and a time for restoration. Join us every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in The Den.

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New Wine, New Wineskins

Explore Scripture and engage in meaningful change by studying the Bible's relationship to the modern world.

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Spiritual Integration

From Biology to Bible and Theology, professors help students connect their field of interest with God’s calling for their lives. We Believe that the world needs compassionate servant-leaders in every career, workplace, and marketplace. At Multnomah, there are more avenues for students to spread the gospel than ever before.

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On-campus Opportunities

At Multnomah, students grow spiritually through community-based learning, worship, prayer, and service opportunities. Spiritual development extends beyond programs to the meaningful friendships and deep conversations students share throughout their time at Multnomah.

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In the City

As Christians, we are called to love our neighbors and serve those in need. Students at Multnomah are encouraged to get involved with nonprofits and organizations that serve the Portland community and show the love of God to the broken and hurting. The community, in turn, pours love and discipleship into our students through its local churches and communities of faith.

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Spiritual Life Conferences

Spiritual Life Conferences are an important part of our chapel schedule and provide you the opportunity to explore your interests in depth.

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The Christian Life Conference (CLC):

Set forth by Multnomah’s founder, Dr. Mitchell, the CLC starts the year off strong. In partnership with New Wine, New Wineskins, this conference focuses on biblical themes and practical application.

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The Global Missions Conference (GMC):

In partnership with the Global Studies program and co-facilitated by the Spiritual Life team and the GMC volunteer team, GMC offers students several opportunities to meet mission organization representatives and to hear about God’s work throughout the world.

Worship Team

Conference attendance for chapel credit:

Conference attendance is a part of our institutional chapel requirements. For each conference, students will have a minimum of 10 chapel credit opportunities and will be required to attend at least 5. Any credits gained beyond 5 will go toward their overall chapel attendance requirement of 30.

“As a Jesus follower, it’s essential to have people see you, love you, speak the truth, and nourish the gifts that God gave you.”

Michelle Domaschofsky '19, Master of Divinity

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Director of Spiritual Life; Campus Pastor

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